Renewable Energy consulting services...                                          ethanol, bio-diesel, solar, wind, geo-thermal.

Helping our global clients reach their goals of bio-fuel production, testing, retail distribution and international shipping.

The United States is an abundant producer of bio-fuels (ethanol / bio-diesel) and is ready and willing to meet foreign market needs. 

We help our clients tap into this incredible resource.

Our global focus
Regenerage is helping countries, like South Korea, develop ethanol and bio-diesel fuel solutions to improve air quality in major metropolitan areas while reducing transportation fuel costs for consumers.

Our commitment to results
Regenerage is working with partners in the United States and globally to help develop global markets and enable trade for renewable, clean-burning fuel.

Our experience
We know the global bio-fuels industry and have the government and commercial relationships in the United States to help you to develop a powerful strategy towards your goals. 

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