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[Global Ethanol Fuel Testing and Distribution]

Regenerage is helping global partners and clients invest in transportation-grade ethanol fuel production, testing, and global transportation.   This market is on the verge of a major growth cycle in the U.S., Canada, S. America and globally.   We are looking for new partners to help us service a growing global clientele.

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We offer consulting for:

  • Ethanol Plant Purchase and Sale Consulting Services
  • Solar Panel Manufacturing Research and Analysis
  • Wind Farm Tubine, Blade, and Site Review Services
  • Bio-Ethanol Testing for Automotive Use
  • Auto/Truck Retrofit to Leverage e85 Ethanol Fuel Conversion
  • Geo-thermal Site Analysis and Savings Projections
  • National and International Shipping Consulting
  • Corporation Merger and Acquisition Professional Services


Regenerage Energy exists in part to develop alternative, green energy alternatives in response to global "Peak Oil".   To learn more about Peak Oil and its inevitable impact on you and your business, we invite you to review the following (2) videos (Part A and B)...